Boris Johnson suggests journalists ‘abuse’ others and ‘guilt’ led him to swap the profession for politics

Boris Johnson has suggested that journalists are always “abusing” others and that “guilt” led him to swap the profession for politics.

The prime minister made the comments while speaking to a group of schoolchildren.

He told them: “When you are a journalist you think ‘great, great job…’

“But the trouble is that… sometimes you find yourself always abusing people or attacking people.

“Not that you want to abuse them or attack them but you are being critical …where maybe you feel sometimes a bit guilty about that, where maybe you have not put yourself in the place of the person you are criticising. And so I thought I would give it a go (politics).”

But he added that he was in his mid-30s before he went into politics and his “strong” advice would be to do something else first.


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