Couple takes in delivery driver stranded during the Texas storm: ‘I go the room and shed tears of joy’

An accident outside a client’s house brought much-needed succour to delivery driver Chelsea Timmons during a snowstorm that paralysed Texas last week.

Chelsea was left feeling helpless when her vehicle began sliding down an icy Texas driveway. However, little did she know that this incident, which resulted in her car driving over a flowerbed outside a home in Austin, Texas, would help him get out of the storm.

Over the past weeks, residents of the US state have continued to battle the extreme weather conditions with the temperature dropping to an all-time low. Fortunately, for Timmons, the couple living in the house, Doug Condon and Nina Richardson, offered to help when all options of getting back home failed.

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The couple invited Timmons to wait indoors till the American Automobile Association (AAA) truck arrived. “AAA said it would be an hour or 2 for a truck to arrive. Hours passed, no tow truck. Repeatedly made calls to AAA with no answers given. Finally, around 6 pm AAA said my location was ‘inaccessible due to current conditions’,” read the post, which has now gone viral with over 9,000 likes.

Though Timmons tried other options such as booking a cab to get back home or to a nearby hotel, the weather made it impossible for her.  “I tried to get an Uber/Lyft/Taxi just to get me to the hotel a few miles away so I could stay for the night. But obviously, if tow trucks weren’t getting through, neither were cars.”

Not left with any option, the couple offered Timmons their guest bedroom for the night. “Well, the saga continues. It is currently DAY FIVE and I am still here!” Timmons wrote in the updated post. She further added that the couple has refused to let her leave. “Every morning after they say -‘no worries, stay a bit longer.’ – I go to “my” room and shed tears of joy,” she adds.

“I am just extremely fortunate that this is where my car crashed,” Timmons told CNN. “It was in their flower bed. It wasn’t in a ditch. It wasn’t on the side of the road … I was stuck someplace safe and warm,” she added.

Since being shared online, the post has gone viral on social networking website with many praising the couple for extended help to Timmons.

The weather conditions in Texas have worsened over the past few days with over 7 million people ordered to boil tap water before drinking it, as bacteria could have seeped in due to low water pressure. Many places have continued to face power outage and water shortage due to the snowstorm.


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