Dozens Crowd on Frozen Central Park Lake Despite Warning Signs

Police broke up a dangerous scene in Central Park on Sunday afternoon after dozens of people strolled onto the lake beneath Bow Bridge.

People appeared to disregard large red warning signs placed around the lake warning of thin ice.

Those on the lake were mostly snapping photos with children, seemingly unaware of the danger. Eventually police used loud speakers to tell people to clear the ice.

“Our Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP) officers have been conducting spot checks around waterbodies in parks to ensure the safety of all patrons,” a NYC Parks spokesperson told News 4.

Storm Team 4’s Matt Brickman says the ice is particularly dangerous due to above freezing temperatures seen Sunday.

NYC Parks have the following ice safety tips posted to their website:

  • Do not attempt to walk on any lakes, ponds, or rivers that appear frozen.
  • Parents and caregivers should make sure children are never unattended near ice.
  • If you hear cracking, lie down immediately to try to distribute your weight.
  • If you witness someone falling through ice, never attempt to make a rescue by yourself: call 911 and notify the proper authorities. Be sure to give the exact location and an account of the incident.


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