Endangered gorillas at San Diego Zoo test positive for coronavirus

On Wednesday, 6 January, two gorillas from the troupe started coughing, which prompted zoo workers to test fecal matter for the virus.

On 8 January, it was discovered the gorillas had change into contaminated with the coronavirus.

Lisa Peterson, the manager director of the San Diego Zoo, informed The Associated Press the gorillas had been doing nicely, all issues thought-about.

“This is wildlife, and they have their own resiliency and can heal differently than we do,” Ms Peterson stated. “Aside from some congestion and coughing, the gorillas are doing well.”

She stated the park’s predominant concern was preserving the gorillas “healthy and thriving”.

This is the primary identified transmission of the virus to gorillas, though different wildlife have change into contaminated with the virus.

Cats, canines, mink, tigers and different animals have been contaminated with the virus as nicely.

The gorillas at the San Diego Zoo are western lowland gorillas, that are extraordinarily endangered.

Mink farms – notably these in Denmark – have been devastated by the coronavirus.

United States, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Greece and Lithuania have all reported mink with coronavirus infections, in accordance with the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Unlike different animals which have change into contaminated with the virus, mink are the one confirmed creatures aside from people that may change into severely unwell and die on account of the virus.

In Denmark, mink farming has been banned for 2021 over fears the mink may move the virus alongside to people.

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