EXCLUSIVE: Sonu Sood reveals he’s trying to connect people globally on a single platform; Vows to change lives

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Sonu Sood stated that when people call him a real-life hero, it puts a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. The actor also promises to try his best to make a difference.

EXCLUSIVE: Sonu Sood reveals he’s trying to connect people globally on a single platform; Vows to change lives

Sonu Sood is a real-life hero in a true sense and the actor has proved the same last year. He was the only actor who came forward and helped hundreds of migrant workers and made them reach their home safely during the lockdown. From providing medical aid to financial help, the Dabangg actor turned to be a knight in the shining armour for homeless and needy people during the pandemic. Even now, also Sonu has been doing his bit to change lives.

Recently, he lent a helping hand to the elderly. Sonu Sood will organise residential accommodation for a group of elderly people whose video of being mistreated went viral on social media. In a video posted on his social media handles, the handsome actor urged everyone residing in Indore to join him in providing a safe space for the old. While talking exclusively to Pinkvilla, the Happy New Year star, on being asked how his philanthropist nature has contributed to his professional life, Sonu shared, “It has changed me a lot. Since my school and college days, I have been doing a lot of charity. But the pandemic took the whole movement to a different level. I have been flooded with the lead roles and I am choosing scripts wisely. Hopefully, very good announcements coming very very soon. There are two in Telugu and two in Hindi.  In a week”s time, I will be announcing those films.”

“When people call me real life hero, that’s puts a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. And, it makes me believe I have to keep on going the good work, connecting with the souls that I have been doing from past one year. So, far I have not been offered any villain roles, so I don’t know if whether they will excite me. As of now roles I have working on is my priority,” he added.

 “Lastly, one year has been very very special. Lot of people I connected to. Whether talk about employment, healthcare, education. So, now I am taking it to next level where I am connecting globally where people can benefit Whether they talk about their education, healthcare or employment so I have a single platform which is user friendly and common man can connect can see their dreams come true. So, i am doing my bit. I Promise that I am there to change lives and I will try to do that,” Sonu Sood concluded.

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