Fact: These NYC Dogs Are Lovin’ This Blizzard

We’re experiencing what may be a Top Ten NYC Snow Storm, which means your dogs are experiencing pure bliss. There are basically white-out conditions as snow is falling at about two inches per hour; the governor is suspending above ground subway service; and in-person learning at public schools has been canceled for Monday and Tuesday. But your dog knows nothing of these details, and just wants to go jump around in the stuff.

Don’t have a dog? That’s fine, we have gathered photos of dogs contemplating the snow, eating the snow, and running around and around and around and around in the snow.

Look at this perfect example of a snow doge, Stokely:

Or Olive in Forest Hills:

Or Shorty in Midtown:

If you’ve been lucky enough to be hanging out with some dogs having their Best Snow Day Ever, please share them with us and we’ll add them to this story—email [email protected] with subject “Snow Dog,” and please tell us your doggo’s name and where your pupper was playing.

And remember to watch out for your dog’s paws, because many building supers and other crews use snow melt that can hurt doggie feet. Wipe their paws or see if they agree to wear booties. And you might not want to stay out too long—here are more cold weather tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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