Justine Skye Catches Kendall Jenner in the Bathtub While Doing TikTok FaceTime Challenge – E! Online

This was not what Kendall Jenner was expecting when she answered her phone in the middle of a little “me time.” 

Singer and model Justine Skye shared footage to social media on Monday, Feb. 1 of herself calling some of her famous pals via FaceTime for the “I’m Busy Right Now” challenge that’s currently popular on TikTok. The prank involves the caller immediately telling the other person that they don’t have time to talk and need to call them right back, typically leading to a baffled response. 

Such was the case when Justine hit up Kendall, who happened to be taking a bath at the moment that she answered the ill-fated call.

“Hey, I’m really busy, can I call you right back?” Justine asked the 25-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in the clip that was shared to TikTok in its full version and to Instagram in a shortened version.

Kendall clearly didn’t know what to make of this and replied, “What! You just called me.” The famed reality TV personality proved she’s a good sport by chuckling at the strange situation, and then we can only hope she went back to enjoying that leisurely soak.

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