Man from Delhi arrested by cops after trying to trespass into Elnaaz Norouzi’s room in Goa

Elnaaz Norouzi had earlier decided to stay back at a friend’s place in Goa after her shoot. Here’s what happened next.

Man from Delhi arrested by cops after trying to trespass into Elnaaz Norouzi’s room in Goa

Elnaaz Norouzi faced an unprecedented situation in Goa recently. The Sacred Games actress was in Goa when the incident happened that has now caught the attention of the media. It so happened that after having completed two of her projects, the web series star decided to stay back at her friend’s property for a few days in Anjuna. However, to her horror, she found a man trying to trespass the property and bypass the security at the place to meet her.

This person from Delhi was arrested by the Anjuna police based on a complaint filed by Elnaaz’s friend. However, he was released later on after having submitted a written apology to the Sangeen actress. Moreover, the cops also notified his family about the incident. As for Elnaaz, she is now back in Mumbai. While talking about the same, she recalls her decision of staying back in Goa at her friend’s property for some time after having completed her shoot.  

Elnaaz Norouzi also states that she had posted about the same on Instagram. The actress then recalls attending someone’s birthday party one night. However, she says that she couldn’t stay long there as she was tired. Thereafter, the Sangeen star remembers doing a video call to her mother at midnight. It was at that moment she saw someone from the window trying to open the door to her room. Elnaaz then states how she confirmed with her friends through a message if they had sent someone to deliver something.

The trespasser is said to have gone to the terrace and told everyone that the actress was his girlfriend. He was reportedly caught during that very night. Elnaaz adds how her friends spent the night at the police station. The actress says that her family is stressed about the entire incident and that her father wants her to hire private security.

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