‘Pandemic of diisinformation’: Woman and her kids drink urine for four days to cure COVID-19

After almost a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might think that people by now should know the various health remedies, and precautions for the deadly virus. But you are wrong as recently a mother and her children, living in London, drank their own urine after receiving fraudulent information that it is a cure for coronavirus.

The Evening Standard reported that the mother received a WhatsApp forward by a friend informing her about the urine “cure”. The video sent by her friend asked her to drink her own urine each morning.

The mother and her child drank urine for four days straight.

Healthwatch Central West London, quoted by the Evening Standard, stated that the woman believed Covid vaccine had been compromised by Bill and Melinda Gates and was “dangerous” for her family.

The report further stated that conspiracies and fraudulent cures were a problem that needed to be “highlighted and addressed”.   

“We were told of a stigma associated with contracting coronavirus, and also of the fake remedies and conspiracies shared via WhatsApp”, the report reads.

The report also stated that there was a lack of trust towards the “official channel of communication”, and therefore the woman turned to “traditional cures” instead.  

“This, coupled with a lack of trust in “official” channels of information, presents a problem that needs highlighting and addressing,” it added.

This comes as UK is still fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is under strict lockdown with non-essential travel banned to contain the high COVID-19 infection rate.

In such a situation, the NHS, the country’s premier healthcare system feels that the country should also engage in a firce battle against “pandemic of disinformation”. 


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