QUIZ: Can you guess the BTS X Hanbok video with just a screenshot?

BTS X Hanbok is a concept ARMY love, but can you guess the BTS’s Hanbok moment simply based on a moment from the video!

QUIZ: Can you guess the BTS X Hanbok video with just a screenshot?

BTS X Hanbok is a concept that we cannot get enough of! BTS members are proud Koreans and never shy away from wearing and flaunting their traditional wear with nationalistic pride. BTS recently greeted ARMY wearing beautiful hanboks in the shades of cream, baby pink and navy blue for Lunar New Year. Not only that, BTS even prepared hand-made greeting cards and wishes for their beloved fandom, ARMY.

BTS members have donned the hanbok not only during festive occasions and celebrations but also as a happy-punishment! BTS Jin lost a bet with the rest of the members because of which he was made to wear the light blue hanbok on the way to MAMA, a couple of years back. He looked gorgeous in a silken blue hanbok with the traditional hat. Jungkook too is fond of hanboks and has personally invested in buying a couple of modern-style hanboks in different colours. In one of their most iconic MVs BTS members donned hanboks in stylish shades of black and gold too.  BTS have donned the traditional hanbok on multiple occasions like festivities, celebrations or dance performances; But can you identify the BTS X Hanbok moment by just a screenshot?

Take our quiz below and test your BTS X Hanbok knowledge:

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What was your score? Did you ace or flunk the fashion yet? Let us know in the comments below

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