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The Model Couple Who Started a Glass-Blowing Business During Lockdown

Dupont and Box talk mostly about inspiration. “All the time, we’re sending each other stuff, showing each other stuff. Buying books for each other to inspire and learn about new people.” says Dupont. Box recently gifted him a book by the activist Abby Hoffman, after he watched the film The Trial of the Chicago 7 and cried. “He never cries!” says Box. Crying is their second difference, after music taste. “I cried seven times in the car today just listening to music,” says Box.

Dupont recently gave Box a book of stills pulled from the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini, an Italian director who inspires Box’s video work. “It’s basically cut-out scenes from films, but arranged in sequences, like, ‘laughter’ or ‘death’,” says Dupont. (Box shares a birthday with Pasolini.)

For Valentine’s Day, the couple have no plans. Likely to be working, they opt for a regular flow of gifts and surprises. That said, Dupont plans to make them some artichokes, a big pasta, and maybe a tiramisu. “Peter could start a catering business,” Box says, “he really could.”

Soon, HEVEN will launch additional home goods that Dupont has been developing alongside a carpenter in Denmark and manufacturer in London. Box is currently fundraising for a documentary about her grandfather’s history as an “unconventional gangster” alongside her work for their shared company. Their secret to balancing it all, they say, is communication.

“It’s about being real with each other and measuring the temperature of the room. What’s it called? Read the room! Do that regularly and talk about how things are. And then accept each other, and say yes to things,” says Dupont.

“And if the person doesn’t make you feel like a better version of yourself,” Box says, “don’t waste time…”

“That’s from the Sopranos,” Dupont says. They laugh.

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