Train barrels toward freezing man on tracks — then conductor spots him, GA video shows

A CSX conductor is credited with saving a homeless man who got stuck after falling onto railroad tracks in north Georgia.

The Marietta Police Department said the conductor was making his way through the Atlanta suburb early Saturday when he spotted something ahead of him, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

Just a half-mile ahead lay a freezing man on the tracks as the train came barreling at “full normal speed,” officials said. The conductor saw the man early enough, however, and was able to bring the mile-long freight train to a stop before it reached the injured man.

“It turned out the homeless man had fallen and was unable to get up,” according to police. “He became hypothermic and, if struck by the swift moving train, would surely have been killed instantly.”

The low in Marietta was 28 degrees on Saturday before temperatures warmed to a high of 49 degrees, according to AccuWeather.

Crews waked a quarter mile on loose gravel to rescue the man, who was carried off the tracks and taken to a local hospital for treatment, officials said.

Police piled on the praise for the conductor for being attentive, and ultimately saving a man’s life.

“We talk about ‘situational awareness’ as it relates to you avoiding becoming a victim of crime, but it absolutely applies here as well!” authorities said.

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