Watch as Texans bust out their skis and snowboards and glide down their streets

After a winter storm dropped several inches of snow on cities across Texas, some people couldn’t resist the urge to bust out their winter weather gear and take advantage of the fresh powder.

Twitter user @ArmenChakmakian posted video online after he rode through his San Antonio-area neighborhood on a snowboard.

“I never thought I’d ever be able to snowboard in front of my own home someday… IN SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!” he wrote online.

Video shows him raising his fist and letting out a hearty “Woo!” as he snowboards down a snow-covered street, shouting “Texas, baby!”

The winter storm also marked his son’s first snow. The boy even got to try his hand at snowboarding on a street in front of the home.

How’d it go? His dad called him “a natural.”

Another San Antonio-area man also took a spin out on the snow. Twitter user @conesalinas90 shared a hypnotic video of him skiing down a neighborhood street.

The video shows him gliding past homes and parked cars as Fleetwood Mac’s “Dream” plays in the background.

The video is apparently the skier’s take on the TikTok Dream Challenge, which became popular last year after TikTok user Nathan Apodaca filmed himself skating while drinking cranberry juice and vibing to the 1977 tune.

On Sunday, the National Weather Service advised that snow could fall at a rate of 2 inches per hour in the San Antonio area. A winter storm warning was issued in the area in the next day, Storyful reported.

From Austin to Houston, several snowboarders and skiers took to their Texas neighborhoods to make the most out of the unusual weather.

While some people have had fun in the wintry weather, the storm has wreaked havoc across North and Central Texas, bringing ice and dangerously cold temperatures along with snowfall.

More than 4 million people in the state were without power Tuesday morning following failure of a power grid, the Star-Telegram reported.

On Sunday night, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas — which manages Texas’ flow of electricity — saw peak winter demand for electricity, leading to rolling outages across the state.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced late Monday that the Texas National Guard would be deployed to help direct people to heating centers, NPR reported.

The storm has been linked to 11 deaths across the country, CBS reported, including two in Houston where a woman and 8-year-old girl died of carbon monoxide poisoning after a car was left running in a garage attached to the home.

Child, adult die from carbon monoxide after leaving car on during cold, Texas cops say

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